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MOL Comfort

MOL Comfort broke in two in the Indian Ocean on 17/06/2013.  All crew were rescued and charter party MOL confirm a salvage company has been contracted in an attempt to save both parts of the vessel.  It is currently reported that very few containers have been lost and oil leakage is reported to be very low.  At this stage the cause of the break is not known however speculation is rife that it is due to a weight imbalance issue.  MSC Napoli suffered a similar fate in the English Channel in 2007.

Costa Allegra

Just weeks after the Costa Concordia incident the vessels sister ship Costa Allegra has run in to trouble off the Seychelles islands.  No loss of life or injury has been reported.  Please refer to our Costa Allegra page under Cruise ship disasters in the Passenger Ship disasters section to learn more.

Got questions about RMS Titainic?

Who built the Titanic? Where was the Titanic built? How did the Titanic sink? Where did the Titanic sink? Where is the Titanic?

Looking for answers to these questions? Please refer to our RMS Titanic Frequently Asked Questions page where you will find the answers to all the above and many more.

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Ship Disasters Timeline

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Ship Disasters

Unfortunately all manner of disasters can befall a vessel at sea.  Here we aim to investigate several famous cases of ship disaster, the laws which govern these incidents and the tragic losses resulting from these disasters.