The Titanic – 100 year Anniversary

2012 – the Centennial of the Titanic disaster

02:20am on 15th April 2012 marks the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic,

100 years on and The Titanic remains the greatest Maritime disaster of all time.

Work on the luxury liner was completed at the end of March 1912 with commencement of sea trials on April 1st 1912. The Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage on April 10th 1912 and was home to more than 2000 passengers and crew. Passengers of all classes were onboard.

The 100 year anniversary of this tragedy will see the world remeber the 698 crew members and the 818 passengers who lost their lives.

For further detials of the victims and the survivors of the Titanic please look at our site further.